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The Benefits of Filing Your Tax Return Today

26/09/2022Tax Issues , Tax News and Tips

You must have observed the financial matters associated with your business, they keep on fluctuating over a specific period. This asks for maintaining a smooth record of every financial detail so that you can focus on other opportunities that will help to grow your business valuation. This will further make your way to good tax planning as well. It is required for you to be organised financially in your business to enjoy the benefits of filing your tax return earlier. As this will spare you enough time and space to spend on applying innovative business ideas to make your name in the industry.

This means you will be able to manage your tax affairs more efficiently. The information detail that is required for the filing of the tax returns usually involves important documents related to business finances and the bank statement. Moreover, there are multiple smart choices for arranging the data through accounting apps rather than doing it manually these days. This will allow you to gather error-free data and the process will be less time-consuming as well.


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Benefits of Filing Your Tax Return Early

You must realise how advantageous it can get for you if you allow yourself to file your tax returns early. The deadline for filing the tax return is 31st January, which will remain the same and this is a plus point. This will allow you to be organised enough in managing your financial details, which plays an important role in filing the tax returns early. You may seek the help of your accountant in doing so. The most advantageous factor of filing tax returns before time is that you will not suffer any amount of hefty fines or penalties from HMRC. As well as this brings the factor of being organised with your financial details and records for the whole tax year.

The importance of better record keeping is not denied neither its advantages. This way, you will keep your records up to date and will never have a chance to miss your deadlines. You will be able to expect your refund of overpayments sooner as well. Further in the discussion of this guide, we have listed and explained the prominent benefits of being an early bird in filing tax returns.


1- Don’t Risk Missing Your Tax Deadlines

If you keep on delaying the process of managing your financial details, this will bring the risk of missing the deadline for filing the tax returns. This will result in the issuance of an automatic late filing penalty of the amount of £100 for you. Your past good record of filing the tax returns will not matter here.

In the case of filing tax returns late for three months, an amount of £10 will be generated for each day until it reaches the peak amount of £900. If the period of delay is for six months, the delay penalty will be an amount of £300 and in some cases, you will have to pay an extra 5% of the number of your tax charges.


2- Enjoy a Quick Tax Refund

Sometimes there is an error with your unique tax code sent by HMRC. Whether you are a director or an employee, you will have to apply for a tax refund in such a case. Receiving tax refunds and this scenario is not an unusual practice. Here you will observe the benefits of filing the tax returns earlier again. The sooner you have filed, the speedy will be the process of tax refunds by HMRC. In the case of late filing, this process can even gather the extra interest if it is in your bank account. So it is wise to file early so that if you are in a position to get a refund, you will get it early. Because January happens to be the busiest month for HMRC because of the deadlines.


3- File Your Tax Returns Now and Pay Later

If you start to calculate what are your tax liabilities and initiate the process of filing for the tax returns now, this will give you a chance to focus on your budgeting and the management of cash flow. You will be more focused on other tax liabilities as well. However, in the case of people who are rushing in the 11th hour tend to have a higher chance of the mistakes and the factor of accuracy is compromised. As HMRC has declared already that errors in the details of filing tax returns will charge you fines. And of course, late filing brings penalties to suffer with. It is just recommended for you to be an early bird in this case. This does not mean that you are obliged to file the tax returns early. You can do it at any convenient time before the deadline.


4- Time is Money

As we have mentioned earlier that being organised with your financial details and filing the tax returns early will spare you to focus on other business growth opportunities. It allows being more efficient with the management of your bank statement and other relevant affairs with the tax liabilities. You can use smart apps to manage the records of your business finances rather than handling those piles of papers that still have a chance of errors and displacement.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about the benefits of filing your tax return, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. There are multiple beneficial factors of filing the tax returns well on time rather than rushing at the last minute, which brings a high chance of errors. And HMRC gives a very slim margin to errors related to tax affairs.


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