About Cruse + Burke

Our history goes back to World War II. Yeah we’re that old. But we’ve never compromised on quality. We’ve evolved over a period of time. Cruse and Burke is a result of partnership between King and Cruse in the 1970s. The brand is known for the values that are delivered at the clients end. The company was managed mainly by Tony Cruse and Peter Burke. 

 We are one of the leading accountant practices in the Croydon area and combine a breadth of expertise and experience that adds value to our clients. We have first-hand business experience, gained from working in commercial organisations, so we truly understand your situation and business drivers.

We're Affiliated with Accotax

Cruse+Burke was taken up by Accotax in December 2019. It uses the Cruse+Burke trading name to carry out its business transactions all across UK.

Delivery Based on Values

We’re not just another brand that delivers services and moves on to the next customer. We’re here to stay.  Our values are based on: 

We're Qualified

We’re not just in the market because we’re old, we’re qualified to do the job too.Take a look at our accreditation.