capital gains tax on a second home

How Much is Capital Gains Tax on Second Home?

08/09/2022Tax Issues , Tax Saving Tips

Capital gains tax on a second home is different than the gains of a main residential property when you are living in the UK. You are obliged to follow the set of rules when you are planning to sell a second home. As we all know that private residence relief is also only entitled to the first main home. However, you have to meet the conditions associated with it. A kind of gain that is related to the second property will stand liable for the capital gains tax. There was a change that occurred in the set of rules in the year 2020.

Moreover, in this guide, we have gathered the related information based on the frequently asked questions. You will get an understanding of everything you need to know about private residence relief capital gains tax on a second home, what is the possible tax payment, and some of the practical and helpful tips for selling a second home.


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What are Capital Gains Tax on a Second Home?

The gains related to residential property that is not even related to the private residence relief are bound to be in the knowledge of HMRC within the time of 30 days. This count will be started after the completion date. For this purpose, you need to go on the website of the government which is and set up the necessary capital gains tax on the property account of the UK.  This will help you to report the gains.

Moreover, in the case of the gains being reported at the time of self-assessment returns then there is no need to do it again. You do not need to go on the online services to do the process all over again if it is done before the time limit of a month. In the case you fail to fulfil this requirement there will be hefty fines and penalties issued by HMRC. Ensure to do the process within the given time limit.


What is the Payment in Account of Tax?

There is a requirement for payment on the account of the tax as well. This must be done within the time limit of a month. The best estimate of the capital gain is considered to be this. Ensure to clear what is due just before you hit the eleventh hour. There are a few steps to be considered before you aim to make your accurate calculations. These are listed below for you:

  • If you realise any kind of loss before the time frame of the completion, add them for compensation. Make sure the loss is not utilised on any of the previous capital gains.
  • Consider the amount annual exempt as well. This should not be part of the previous capital gains or in the same tax year.

Also, take into consideration of the likely tax rates. Moreover, you can use the taxpayer’s Capital Gains Tax to make online payments. This is considered for the property account in the UK. You will be charged interest if you do not make the tax payments within the time limit of a month.


A Practical Tip for Selling a Second Home

The common and best tips to practice while you are aiming to invest in a property or plan to sell your second home are given in the following:

  • Make accurate calculations of the capital gains with the right focus.
  • Ensure to report the required information to HMRC right on time.
  • The associated tax must be paid after completion. Ensure to do the follow-up of your payments within the time limit of a month as mentioned earlier.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about the capital gains tax on a second home, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. We can say that it is imperative to have an understanding of the set of rules associated with capital gains and submission within the given time limit. If you fail to meet the required actions by HMRC, you will be facing consequences that will not go in your favour. Struggling with the fines issued by HMRC will be another stressful factor involved in the process. We hope these few minutes of reading have helped you to develop an understanding and better deal with capital gains.


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