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Do Foreign Entertainers and Sportsperson Pay Withholding Tax?

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Many people in the UK who are taxpayers believe that withholding tax is just similar to tax evasion. You will wonder to hear but this is wrong as the withholding tax is not considered tax evasion according to the tax authorities in the UK. This might bring a lot of queries to your mind and we have designed this comprehensive guide just according to what you need to know about the facts related to foreign entertainers withholding tax. One of the discussions is also held on whether withholding tax is classed as an expense or not in the Uk. Let us get further into the discussion to gather more facts about this.


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What Refers to as Withholding Tax?

You must have an idea of that foreign entertainers or the individuals who are associated with being athletes are obliged to pay the tax in the UK. This tax is implemented according to the tax laws on the competitions and performances that are being held in the UK. Sometimes the people who tend to hire these athletes and entertainers are also obliged to pay the tax in the UK. You can be one of the world-famous celebrities who is coming over to perform in an event that is taking place in the UK, but you will have to deal with the tax implications. Whether they are directly handled by your team or by the person who is involved in hiring for the UK-based events.

Moreover, it becomes imperative at this stage to have awareness of the withholding tax. In simple words, we can say that when you are hiring entertainers or performers for an event in the UK, the income tax will be deducted from their earnings. However, this only happens if the earnings cross the limit of the personal allowance. In the tax year 2023-24, this limit is 12,570 pounds. So by withholding tax we mean payments that will be deducted from the foreign entertainers to perform in the UK. In most cases it will be applied to any of the listed ones:

  1. Royalties
  2. Interest
  3. Dividends

Even if a third party is involved to pay the performers, the tax deduction will also become their responsivity. However, before you initiate this procedure of payment stand tax deduction, get in touch with the foreign entertainers unit and get the registration for the payment of withholding tax.


Withholding Tax and Expanded Withholding Tax – How are They Related?

People often get confused between the facts about withholding tax and expanded withholding tax. This might or might not be relevant to your tax situation. Well, there is no implementation of the expanded withholding tax in the UK. However, if you are earning through an income source that is related to the Philippines, you will not be taxed on these terms. So this normally has nothing to do with the laws and implementation of the withholding tax in the UK.


Who is Eligible to Qualify for Withholding Tax?

By now many of you must be wondering over the fact that who qualifies for the withholding tax in the UK. There is a list of entertainers and sports persons who are entitled to the decision of withholding tax. These include racing drivers of the motors, presenters for the guests, choirs, jockeys, golfers, dart players, a variety of entertainers, personalities that being too TV, road cyclists, track cyclists, cricketers, singers and sports pundits.


Some Examples of Withholding Tax

Let us take the instance of an individual who is in the role of a promoter of a music festival to be helped in the UK. You have hired a singer or a rapper from another country and the agreed fee to pay him is an amount of £40,000. Now since this is more than the limit of personal allowance amount, you will have to deduct the withholding tax on the basic rate. The basic rate of 20% will be implemented for this kind of deduction from the payment of the singer you have hired.


Withholding Tax Does Not Apply – When Does it Happen?

There are several situations in which the taxpayer will not have to deduct the amount of withholding tax from the payments. This could possibly include any of the following in different scenarios:

  1. The payment is being given to the cameramen or technicians, or the director directly.
  2. The models get the kind of payment for their work with the still photo shoot.
  3. Payments are given to the supporting services. Venue or equipment hire, catering, security, and ticketing are a few examples of this.
  4. Payments are being given to the individuals who are in the role of middleman scheme list.
  5. If the performer is an employee in the UK.
  6. If it is considered to be a cancellation fee.
  7. In case the payment given to the performers is not more than the limit of the personal allowance in the UK.


What will Happen If the Entertainer’s UK Performance Income Exceeds a Certain Limit?

In case the performers in the UK are being an amount that is taking them out of the basic rates band. This means that at the payment is more than the amount of figure £50,270 in the tax year 2023-34, only the deduction of withholding tax will not cover the liability. In this case, they will be required by HMRC to do the procedure of filing self-assessment tax returns in order to ensure that their fair share of their tax is paid.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about the fact related to foreign entertainers withholding tax, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. There is an obvious liability of paying the withholding tax when foreign performers are hired for a UK-based event. If the payment agreed between both parties is more than the amount of personal allowance, then there has to be a deduction of withholding tax from the payment. We hope these few minutes of reading will help you better understand what is the ruling on foreign entertainers withholding tax in the UK.


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