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The Importance of a P60 Form – A Basic Guide!

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As a beginner with tax and other business affairs, you must have wondered about the importance of P60, what is it or what is the need to use this form. We do realise the need for you to know about the importance of hanging on to this document and how will it help you to bring more cash to the bank account. Some people do not really get bothered to save this document at P60. Well, you must start focusing on the important role of the form P60. And this is because of the fact that this document will also help you to get the tax refund. The limit of this rebate could possibly be an amount of up to a figure £2500. This also depends on the money you have paid in form of tax and whether you have claimed the tax refund or not.

Moreover, there are several people who are still not aware of the basics of P60. However, this document plays a crucial role and you must contain it from your employer. This form can also be a way to understand the expected tax from you by HMRC. Normally this form is easy and simple to read just like any regular document, however, there are certain parts that need an explanation, especially in the cases of beginners. Let us dive in further to learn more about this.


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What is a Form P60?

The form P60 refers to a kind of simple document that has the details of the amount of money that an individual has earned within the time period of a tax year. This means that whatever you have gained in form of earnings from the 6th of April to the 5th of April of the following tax year, will be a part of this document. Also, the details of different kinds of taxes that you have paid like income tax and national insurance are also part of this form. Many of you must be wondering by now that the information and details of tax and earnings that are part of the P60 form are drawn from multiple sources. Well, these details are actually submitted by you in several forms. The sources are listed below for a better understanding.

  1. You have shared the details of earnings and tax payments while doing your self-assessment tax returns.
  2. The details can be taken from the department of work and pensions as well.
  3. Your pension provider is also a source of information about the tax amount you pay and how much you contribute to the pension pot.
  4. The employer is also a source of information about your salary, tax deductions, benefits, bonuses, and other such benefits.


What If You Don’t Receive a Form P60?

There are situations in which you do not get the form P60. The possible scenarios can possibly be any one of the following:

  • Your employer did not register you for the PRSI.
  • Your employer got you registered or PRSI but did not pay the contributions on time.
  • You got the registration of PRSI from your employer and the contributions are paid on your behalf too, however, the amount of payments is incorrect.

Moreover, this non-compliance of your employer must be reported in order to ensure that you do not face any bigger problems in the future with the tax man.


What is the Importance of P60?

In simple words, we can say that the role of your form P60 is to provide proof of the tax amount that you have paid in a tax year. This must be kept safe with you because this form can be a requirement in the procedure of rental property or while you are trying to avail of other financial services. The salary you earn will be proven right by this document. So it is always better to hang on to the details by keeping this document intact with you.


How to Check Your Form P60?

This is not an unbelievable thing if we say that there can be errors in the form P60. So you can expect general mistakes in the form. The information that is part of your form P60 is usually gathered through multiple sources. This could possibly involve the information provided by the employer, mentioned in the self-assessment tax returns and either such sources. This form is then distributed to the employees, however, this becomes a part of your responsibility to ensure that the information about your details in form P60 is error-free.

This is why the professionals usually suggest ensuring twice that the details like your business expenses and personal tax allowance are accurately being made the part of details. In the case of the individual who is part of two or more jobs in one tax year, there should be more forms. This is to ensure in this scenario that your forms are depicting the correct figure of income you are earning. While making sure that the document is free of errors, if you find any problems or obvious mistakes, you can immediately get in touch with HMRC and mentioned the problem.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about P60, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. There is no denying the importance of form P60 as it plays a vital role in the documentation and the information mentioned on this form is important for your business journey or even your salary and other earnings. This is why it becomes your job to ensure that all of your P60 forms are accurate and the details mentioned on them are relevant. In the case of being the individual who has more than one job, you will have more than one form P60 too. This increases the burden of ensuring that error-free details are part of all the forms. We hope these few minutes of reading will help to develop a better understanding of the basics of your form the importance of P60 and how to figure out the possible errors.


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Disclaimer: The information about the importance of P60 form in the UK provided in this blog includes text and graphics of general nature. It does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.

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