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How to Manage Your Tax Credits Online in the UK?

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You must have heard about the services that are digitally offered by HMRC, however, many people do not have a clear idea as to how they can use them. Taking benefits from such digital services requires having at least a basic understanding of using the portal. These digital service work like great support and you do not have to worry about the long time-consuming procedures as well. This will also help a great way to manage your tax credit. If you are a beginner who is using it for the first time, you can always seek professional help.

Moreover, one of the protocols for using these digital services is that you will have to show your identity before HMRC allow you to use the digital services it has offered to support people of the UK. HMRC aims to grow and expand the offered services digitally continuously. It is better to keep yourself updated with what new service is being offered to support and manage your tasks in a swift way. Along with the awareness of being updated you need to keep in mind that you must focus on keeping yourself protected online to avoid scams and other fraud cases. In this comprehensive discussion, we will help you understand the basics of how to manage your tax credits, how do you get in touch with HMRC to avail yourself of the digital services, and whether someone else can talk to HMRC on your behalf or not.


Paying your taxes via different payment methods may not be acceptable to HMRC. Get instant help from professional accountants and tax advisors to know how to manage your tax credit.


How to Manage Your Tax Credit in the UK?

When you aim to manage your tax credits digitally, there is a range of online services offered by HMRC and this has made people’s life easy. The prominent benefits of these services are that they will allow you to carry out your online transactions, submit your self-assessment tax returns, the management of your PAYE if you are in the role of an employer. These digital services offered by HMRC are normally available through GOV.UK. This is a platform that has managed to bring all the relevant information together in one place and you can figure out if anything is bothering your mind to wonder about the services.

Moreover, once your mind is sorted out about what offer you want to avail, the first thing to do is get in touch with HMRC and they will require you to prove your identity. You can use the government gateway ID to prove the details about your identity. The previous way of using such portals was easy, however, they are no longer available after the month of April 2022.


How to Get in Touch with HMRC for the Tax Credits?

It is important for you to get in touch with HMRC if you have renewed your income and you have to bring it to their knowledge. The first step of doing it is through self-assessment tax returns. You need to do it before the deadline approaches and which is 31st January. You can inform HMRC that your circumstances have observed a new change. Getting married or having a different working schedule at work that might change your working hours are also a few examples of changes that you will have to notify of. However, before you try to reach out to HMRC, figure out your new income figure by using the online calculators to keep it all sorted out in your mind first.


What Do I Require to Do Before I Start?

People often enquire about ways to get in touch with HMRC. If you are a case of a beginner and going to manage your tax credits for the first time, we have outlined a list of salient features that you will have to consider before you start the procedure.

  • The information and important details of your self-assessment tax returns from the previous three years’ duration.
  • The details of your credit file like mortgage, credit card, and loans.
  • Your details of the UK passport
  • Three payslips of your recent months
  • Your form P60.
  • The claim details of your tax credits.
  • It is possible that you use the app offered by HMRC to manage your tax credits.


Can Someone Else Get in Touch with HMRC on my Behalf?

The good news is that when someone finds it complicated to get in touch with HMRC, there is always extra support offered by them. You can ask someone to call the extra support service for you in case you are a beginner and doing it for the first time. You can even take help from your tax advisor and other relevant professionals. Such services and their details are available on the government website as well. This will make the tax credits process a lot easier for you to deal with your tax credits.

In the case of individuals who are struggling with being deaf or have some hearing problems, a face-to-face meeting can be arranged with HMRC rather than a phone call. For this, you will have to follow the protocols and request for an appointment beforehand.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about how to manage your tax credit, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. It might sound complicated to manage your tax credits as a beginner, however, there are several offers of support by HMRC to help people. We hope these few minutes of reading have helped to develop a better understanding of how to manage your tax credit.


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Disclaimer: All the information provided in this article on, how to manage your tax credit, including all the texts and graphics, is general in nature. It does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.

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