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HMRC Receives Airbnb Letting Data – A Basic Guide!

29/08/2022Accountants for Contractors , Business , Landlord

It is imperative for the landlords and other individuals who are associated with the business of property to realise that it is nearly impossible to keep any letting detail hidden from HMRC. Airbnb will be a source of information for HMRC for any such activity happening in the market so it is better that you disclose all your property lettings and income to HMRC before they find it out and charge you a fine for filing wrong tax returns. If you are doing any such thing, you better disclose it as early as now and include all the details of your prior years as well. HMRC Airbnb tax UK accounts are in an agreement that says Airbnb will be a source of all the hosts in the UK which means they will provide all the letting property information to HMRC. If you are associated with the letting properties and want to learn more, we have got you covered here. In this guide, we have gathered all the basic information about HMRC Airbnb tax guidance, how to declare it to HMRC and what exactly is there to be declared.   Reach out to our smart team of professionals to get your HMRC Airbnb tax queries answered quickly. We will help to let you decide about tax relief with a clear mind.   HMRC Airbnb Tax – Targeted Enquiries In association with HMRC Airbnb tax, Airbnb will allow HMRC to have access to the information and launch opening enquiries which aim to enquire about the tax affairs of property dealers. The enquiry will be launched especially for the individuals who hide their information and accurate earnings from HMRC and have not been found to declare their income in the previous years. 31st January is normally the deadline for opening such an enquiry for the prior years, this will ensure whether the tax was filed on time or not. HMRC can go back in years to check your previous records whether they are accurate and clear or not. In some cases, Airbnb allows going back up to 20 years of records to have a clear enquiry if a letting business is under investigation by HMRC. This is why HMRC claims to sort out any tax payment issues of landlords in the year 2021-22. This means that HMRC will like to go back in years to have a detailed observation of your tax payments.   Airbnb Guidance This quick way that HMRC has launched to enquire about the old and new tax payments has put severe pressure on online platforms and the gig economy. The tax authorities are also increasing the level of pressure on these platforms to ensure the accuracy of the process. This will bring surety around the world that all the customers are paying tax well in time. To help people and spread awareness among them Airbnb has also provided PwC with written notes of information in this regard on their website. This will help to educate people. If you aim to educate yourself on this topic as a landlord, make sure you reach out to the updated information. It is important to know the tax consideration on the property to keep yourself away from any kind of fine issuance from HMRC. Moreover, this piece of information shared on the website of Airbnb does not cover the information about how to declare your income for precious years or what exactly is required to do when you are under an enquiry.   What to Declare? According to the Airbnb report insight, typically the individual who is working as a UK host is making quite a good amount within the period of a year. In case of a landlord who aims to let only some part or portion of their main residence is not liable to make any such declaration. However, the rules are quite different in the case of the landlords who are building and letting commercial and resident properties for a source of income. If you fail to declare, be ready to face the struggle of penalties and fines issued by HMRC. Because they will know it anyway with or working your declaration. If you are building a second home or a third home to let and that is adding to your income, you are now obliged to create and report and bring this into the knowledge of HMRC.   Declaration – How to Do it? If an individual who is in the role of a landlord has not made a declaration about her excessive income to HMRC and it is not even covered with rent-a-room relief, there should be a requirement for swift action to correct this process. The same quick actions are required for the individuals who have filed the tax returns well in time but are still stuck with the amendment dates, such amendment delays should be fixed as a priority. Moreover, you should be aware that Airbnb’s service only allows disclosing the income that they are getting from the letting property business in the UK and not the other sources of income.   The Bottom Line Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about the HMRC Airbnb tax, we can say that it is easy for HMRC to receive the letting data of current and previous years from Airbnb. So it is advisable to declare the information and excessive income sources yourself before you go under an investigation. You might require to seek professional help in this regard if you have a record of not informing HMRC about your letting data in the previous years to get the records right. We hope these few minutes of reading have helped you to develop a better understanding.   Our team of professional members loves to hear out your business problems and find out the possible and suitable solutions quickly. Get in touch now and we will come up with fine solutions.   Disclaimer: The information about HMRC Airbnb tax provided in this blog includes text …

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