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What is a Certificate of Residence?

14/11/2022tax , Tax Issues

If you want to spare yourself from being taxed twice on foreign income, you are in need to find out how you can get the tax residence certificate as an organisation, company, or individual. When you are not residing in the UK, you are allowed to claim tax relief but you are in a position that is making you pay tax on foreign income in the UK. For this, you need to get the tax residence certificate. This is also known as CoR. Moreover, there are a few conditions to apply for the CoR. These include checking if you are:

  • Meeting the standard to be called a resident of the UK.
  • The double taxation agreement is there with the other concerned country involved in our case.

Furthermore, people who have paid the tax already without having knowledge of the tax condition will get a refund as well. The authorities overseas that are handling your matter will directly get in touch with HMRC to ask for the certification that you are a resident in the UK. Double taxation agreements with the country will also be ensured. For a person who is not entitled to the benefits of the treaty double taxation agreement, HMRC will not give your CoR. Now, this is the decision of the overseas authorities whether you will be given relief from foreign tax or not.


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What is the Tax Residence Certificate?

An individual who is considered a resident in the UK, also he is earning from overseas income or gains, there is a chance of possibility for you to avoid paying the tax twice or to claim tax relief. Many countries will require the CoR for this purpose by the tax authorities. This is to ensure that you are a UK resident. The good news is that you can apply for the tax residence certificate online now.

HMRC has granted this opportunity to bring ease to the residents. It will also help to make the process swift and easy for people. However, there are a few conditions to meet before you plan to apply for CoR. You will have to provide evidence of you being a UK resident and there is the validity of the tax treaty by the other concerned country involved in your case. Moreover, the people who are in the process of making the tax payments already will possibly get a tax refund soon.


What Kind of Information will HMRC Require?

HMRC will require a certain kind of information when you apply for a tax residence certificate. This information can possibly include the following:

  • The reason why you need a CoR?
  • You will require to provide the double taxation agreement under which you want to claim.
  • The income sources for which you will make a claim or any other relevant income source.
  • The time for which you require the CoR and it is always different from the period of the issuance date.
  • The confirmation about the owner of the benefits for the income to claim and relevant to the UK tax for income streams that are involved in the process of claim.

Furthermore, you will have to inform HMRC if you have not filed your self-assessment tax returns for the relevant period. Consider the following points to bring in the knowledge of HMRC:

  • When you arrive or leave the UK during a tax year is going on, you will require CoR.
  • You will need the CoR when you have spent a period of fewer than 183 days within a tax year in the UK.
  • The reason that makes you believe that you are a resident of the UK.
  • The date on which you left the UK or arrived here.

As mentioned above that the date of leaving or arriving in the UK will matter a lot here. The date that is created to the beginning or ceasing being a UK resident will be considered the same way. Moreover, what are the instructions for the newly incorporated companies that have not yet filed the self-assessment tax returns? This case will be handled according to the SRT split-year rules. Such companies will need to inform HMRC about:

  • The basic details of the shareholders and the directors like their names and address.
  • What are the reasons that make the company believe that it is a resident of the UK?


How to Apply for the Tax Residence Certificate?

By now you must be wondering about the process of applying for the CoR. When you are applying for the CoR as a sole trader or as an individual, you will have to take the following steps into serious consideration to apply for the CoR:

  • You are allowed to use the online service that is for the process to be a swift and easy experience for you.
  • You can email the form and when doing it online, you will not be required to sign the form.
  • When you are in the role of an agent who is applying on the behalf of an individual or a sole trader, you can do it online too.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about the tax residence certificate, we can say that you will require the Government Gateway ID and the password if you plan to use the online service. For cases who do not have an ID already can easily create one before using the online service. Now in a case where the other country provides the CoR, you will be required to send it to HMRC, Pay As You Earn and Self Assessment, and BX9 1AS.


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