What is Open Finance

What is Open Finance?

14/04/2022Finance , Marketing Tips

Most of you are aware of open banking, however, did you hear about the extension of open banking as yet? Here is something you must be aware of. FCA (Finacial Conduction Authority) in the UK has announced a proposal about open finance. Are you wondering what is open finance?

It is actually known as the extension of open banking. This will help to expand the range of options for financial services and products to an extent of transformative impact. This article has got you covered with answering all the queries as to what, why and how that is popping up on your mind by now.

See open finance from the perspective of a consumer and a business owner with us in this article. The point of discussion includes the following:

  • An Understanding of What is Open Finance?
  • The vision of Open Finance
  • The implication of Open Finance
  • Final Thoughts


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An Understanding of  What is Open Finance?

In the journey of open banking, open finance is literally considered to be the next step. Your financial details data including consumer credit, insurance, pension, saving, and mortgages can easily be accessed by third parties that are trusted or allowed to have the data.

Through open banking you already allow apps and websites to have access to the transaction in order to ensure the smooth management of the data. This actually helps to make more out of your money.

Moreover, with the help of open finance, the customer can consent to trusted third parties. So that they can have access to their payment account information and online payments are made like this.


The Vision of Open Finance

The vision of FCA is clearly laid out about the working of open finances. It is beneficial for businesses as well as consumers. The salient features of the vision are listed below:

  • Businesses and consumers have the right to give access to trusted third-party providers about their financial details.
  • This access allows the businesses and consumers to avail a versatile range of financial products and services as well.
  • It ensures that the business and consumers have improved control over financial data handling.
  • This process improves the engagement and flexibility factors in the finances.
  • The vision of FCA further explains that this open finance option will also grant tailored products and services that will satisfy the unique requirements of each and every individual.
  • The ultimate aim is to improve the financial health of the consumers and the businesses all over the UK with the finest finance products and services.


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The Implication of Open Finance

Do you think how open finance might affect you or your business? There can be plenty of reasons to opt for the open approach to finance, however, the most prominent ones are jotted down here for you:

  • It is beneficial for the average individuals and for the business owners equally.
  • It is an excellent way to seek the minimisation of the current payments of a business.
  • This will allow hunting for smart and better deals that are already in working with other providers.
  • Utility comparisons will automatically be enhanced and will help to make smart business decisions.
  • The direct debt users will get the most out of one finance due to combine payments.
  • It is easier to monitor the payment activity related to the subscriptions and other services that are similar.
  • A piece of good and exciting news for online shoppers is that they no longer have to handle the process of entering their debit card details as open finance allows you to pay directly from your account for online shopping.
  • Business to business payment is made a lot easier through open finance.
  • It is easy to offer competitive services with better rates are offered on the dashboard of lenders.
  • Because of the detailed information, the risk factor involved is lowered as well.


Final Thoughts

Now that you have gathered the necessary information on open financse, we can sum up the discussion by saying that this will help to improve your business in a healthy finance manner. Even if you are reading from the perspective of a consumer, there are plenty of benefits that will help you to handle your finance more smartly.

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Disclaimer: The information about Open Finances provided in this article including text, graphics, and images is general in nature and does not intend to disregard any professional advice.


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