Bookkeeping for Personal Trainers

We Do Bookkeeping for Personal Trainers in Croydon

23/06/2020Personal Tax , self-employed accountant

Learning about keeping fit and healthy is knowledge best gained when you start with yourself. The perseverance one shows to keep off fatty foods and go for training every day takes some endurance and a very disciplined lifestyle, but it all pays off when you see yourself in the mirror getting the body you always dreamed of. If you want to share the knowledge that you have gained over the years of keeping fit, then you can be a personal trainer and make a good living out of it as a freelance personal trainer.

A personal trainer is very flexible and professional. You organize your clients’ workout regime and sessions on how you like and attend sessions to give your clients the advice they need on diet or training, and the best part about it that they look up to you as their guide to a fit lifestyle. This and many other benefits make the freelance personal trainer profession a very attractive one, but there is one downside to it, and that is accounting.


Advice on Bookkeeping for Personal Trainers

If you are a full-time employee, then you don’t have to worry about doing your books or paying taxes because your employer will automatically take care of it for you. However, as a freelancer, you need to keep track of all your financial records and file a Self-Assessment at the end of each business year. Keeping a close eye on your work and keeping up with clients and increasing your client base needs full-time dedication to your freelance personal training profession, and taking out to do accounting for your business can be time-consuming.

That is where CruseBurke comes in, as our expert accountants can do bookkeeping for personal trainers in Croydon, and not only that, we will provide you with valuable advice on accountancy and tax throughout the year, especially when you will be learning the ropes of the accounting part of your business. We will ensure with our advice that your business is run successfully and smoothly. Like many other accountants, we will not abandon you after getting paid for your year-end accounts.


How CruseBurke is different from other Accountancy Firms

CruseBurke has done business with many freelancers, and our accountants know precisely what kind of issues a freelancer’s face. With short deadlines, you hardly have time to keep your financial records, and we understand that. We will do bookkeeping for personal trainers in Croydon with our specialized and affordable service that is designed specifically for freelancers.

With all the above, we will advise on your take-home pay and as well as other expenses and tax allowances. We will guide you through every step and also guide you on which VAT scheme to register for. The most important thing for us is to guide you on how to run your business in a tax-efficient way while keeping our services as simples as we can for you.

You will never receive an unexpected bill from us, and if you face any confusion regarding anything related to accounting, you can call us anytime without the fear of getting charged extra.

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