Do cosmetic clinics have to pay VAT

Do Cosmetic Clinics have to Pay VAT?

10/11/2023Tax News and Tips , VAT

Are you a cosmetic clinic owner wondering whether you have to pay VAT on your services? Then this blog is for you. When you’re employed in a cosmetic clinic in the UK, staying informed about industry-specific regulations is essential. HMRC enforces distinct sets of rules tailored to each sector, and non-compliance can result in fines …

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LP10 letter

What is an LP10 Letter and How to Get it?

30/10/2023Sole Trader

Are you looking for more information on the LP10 or the Lorimer letter? Read this blog till the end. The LP10 letter was introduced first in 1993 as a way to allow freelancers to be considered self-employed. It encompasses many benefits to the holder by reducing the tax. But what exactly is it, and how …

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Mortgage interest restriction

What is the Mortgage Interest Restriction in the UK?


Are you a landlord wondering how the Mortgage Interest Restriction (MIR) affects your taxes? Read this blog till the end. MIR is a policy that was introduced by the UK government in 2017. It was gradually applied over the next 4 years to give the landlords time to adjust to the changes. It affects your …

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pension annual allowance

Annual Pension Allowance: How It Works?

23/10/2023tax , Tax Issues , Taxation

The Annual Pension Allowance is one of the most confusing terms. People are generally not sure what it means, let alone its implications. But don’t worry, this blog will make everything crystal clear. In this blog, we will provide our readers with a clear definition of the Annual Pension Allowance. In addition, we will provide …

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tax-advantaged share schemes

What are Tax-Advantaged Share Schemes in the UK?

20/10/2023tax , Tax Saving Tips , Taxation

Tax-advantaged share schemes have become popular for businesses in the UK. These schemes incentivize employees with tax benefits to purchase shares in the company. But there are multiple schemes, and if you want to implement one, read till the end. This blog will provide our readers with essential information on all tax-advantaged share schemes. We …

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closing a limited company

Closing a Limited Company: A Simple Guide

26/01/2022Business , Limited Company

Depending on your circumstances, closing a limited company can sometimes be an easy process but sometimes it can turn out to be a gruelling task that needs expert assistance. Whether you want to liquidate/dissolve a company, or you want it to strike off, you need to understand what is the best route to close a …

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