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Bookkeeping Mistakes UK Business Owners Should Avoid – What to Know

13/04/2020Accountants , Accounting Issues

In today’s ever-competitive UK business landscape, one of the most important keys to success that any London-based business needs to thrive is a solid bookkeeping foundation.

From the moment you open up your business, there’s no denying that the essential practice of bookkeeping will play a significant role in every part of running your business. Although it may seem quite boring or tiresome at first, keeping your financial records intact all-year-round is vital to improve every function in your business’s record-keeping processes.

Out of all the different aspects of your bookkeeping experience that you have to watch out for, there’s one key task that no owner should ever overlook.


Bookkeeping Mistakes UK Business Owners Should Avoid

Fortunately, avoiding any bumps along the way when accurately maintaining your financial records can easily be achieved by simply knowing what you have to look out for and where to improve. If you want to enhance the way your business works and its overall financial health, here are three common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:


1- Failing to separate business and personal spending

For most start-up heads and medium-sized businesses, the temptation to handle the company’s finances by driving transactions and its cash flow right into a personal savings account can be quite tempting. No matter how convenient it may seem at first, this quick “solution” often comes at the cost of a business’s own financial stability, especially in organising transactions and costs.

By opening a separate bank account and credit card for your business, you can save lots of time on tracking your business’s transactions and getting all your cash flow affairs in order!


2- Cramming the entire record-keeping process

When it comes to improving the way your business’s bookkeeping processes work, your financial foundation won’t be stable if you don’t record your transactions in a timely and organized manner.

Putting off your bookkeeping responsibilities can easily prove to be one of the biggest and easiest mistakes you can make because it is a prerequisite for tax compliance and accurate record-keeping. Instead of cramming your record-keeping at the last minute, taking a few minutes each day to record your transactions will spare you from years of inconveniences in the long run!


3- Not outsourcing your bookkeeping, even when you should

As a business owner, it’s quite understandable to have a certain tendency to lean towards handling your own processes out of pride and the pursuit of having a “self-made” set-up. Yet, it’s also vital to make sure your pride doesn’t get in the way of achieving efficiency.

If you have lots to handle and don’t have adequate skills to look over the technicalities of your financial records, then outsourcing a bookkeeper’s service is one solution you should seek. With the help of an outsourced professional, you can leave your financial needs in the hands of competent accounting experts while you focus on other important matters in your business!



Handling your business’s bookkeeping process and financial records as efficiently as possible is all about choosing the right approaches and avoiding common mistakes that may pull you back from attaining your goals! To avoid these mistakes, you could hire an accountant who would help you keep your financial records intact all-year-round.

If you’re looking for accountants in Croydon who can provide your bookkeeping services in Croydon, to help your business succeed and attain a competitive edge, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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