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Reporting Expenses and Benefits for 2021/22

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Do you know the employers who have showered their employees with the taxable HMRC expenses and benefits in the tax year 2021-22? There is a requirement for them to get in touch with HMRC and inform them. This will not be required to inform HMRC if the employees are enrolled with the agreement of the PAYE system. To do the process of reporting this information to HMRC, you have to use  P11D. A P11D form. One form will be used for the cause of notifying HMRC about the information of each employee. This is a way of declaring to HMRC that all the required steps are considered and followed seriously.

This will allow HMRC to do the taxable processing accordingly. There will not be any wrong codes sent to the employees. This depends on the accuracy of the information that you as an employer will send to HMRC. This will keep you protected from any unfavourable circumstances in the future. Further in this guide, we will help you to develop an understanding of paper returns, commercial software, HMRC for online PAYE, and the options for filing.


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HMRC Expenses and Benefits – Filing Returns 2021-22

For the filing returns, understanding the features listed and explained below will turn out to be beneficial for employers where there are handling a large number of employees or not.


Paper Returns

Most people think that it is mandatory thing for the P11Ds and the P11D(b) to file online. However, that is not the case at all. In the case of such employers who only have a few returns to file, this is dealt with as an option also. Sometimes employers are not liable to file any returns in a particular tax year, however, they have received the notification in form of P11D(b). All they need to do is to do a nil declaration. An online platform can be used for this purpose. This is an important action to do. In case you fail to do so, you will be charged hefty fines.


Commercial Software Package

There is an option for the employers to apply online filing and the use of the expenses and benefits software package will be helpful here. In the case the submission of filing is more than the figure 500, the commercial software package is an easy and professional way to file online. In this case, you can look for assistance to get support and your software provider can be of the best use in this regard.


HMRC’s PAYE Online

The PAYE online service of HMRC is quite beneficial for employers to handle several tasks of the business. These tasks can include the following:

  • Appealing a penalty
  • Checking the payment history
  • Payment of the bills
  • To check what they exactly owe to HMRC

Furthermore, if you want to file for the expenses and benefits return, you can use this here as well. There is a limit of  500 employees in this case if you want to file the returns. More employees than that can not be catered to here. A commercial software package is recommended in that case. This will be helpful to complete such a big task.


Options for Filing

If you need to file P11Ds and P11D(b) returns as an employer, you can either do it in paper format or electronic filing is your other option for that. However, HMRC gives more encouragement to the electronic filing option. This has been a preferred option for employers as well. The other possible choices for this cause are HMRC’s PAYE online service or filing with the use of a commercial software package.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about HMRC expenses and benefits, we can bring the discussion toward wrapping up finally. We can say that there are a lot of ways for employers to deal with the filing of HMRC expenses and benefits. The best and most recommendable option is to understand each one of them and get the process accurate and successful to avoid any unfavourable circumstances in the future.


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Disclaimer: All the information provided in this article on HMRC expenses and benefits including texts and graphics in general. It does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.

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