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Joint Property Ownership Tax Saving Tips – Basic Guide

26/08/2021Tax Saving Tips

The property that two or more parties claim is known as Joint Property Ownership. In joint property ownership, each proprietor has equal rights to the total of the property. On the off chance that one of the proprietors passes on, part possessed by the expired proprietor consequently passes to the surviving proprietor. For joint ownership property tax, each proprietor has an equal share of the property and revenue.

For instance, a property is worth £100,000, and annual rental income is £10,000 possessed under joint ownership property. Then on each owner, £5,000 income will be taxed. In addition to that, each owner will pay the CGT (Capital Gains Tax)  on half of the property when it is sold. This is often the case for both companions and other joint proprietors. Read this blog till the end to know more about joint property ownership tax.

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Default 50:50 Split can be Change

The default split of joint property ownership is 50:50 for spouses and civil partners, and it can only be changed by election. You are required to fill Form 17 and submit it to HM Resource & Customs to make an election.

As per HM Resource & Customs, you can utilise Form 17 to proclaim advantageous proprietorship in the event that you meet all the conditions below:

  • You are life partner or civil partner and possess joint property in unequal shares
  • You are authorized to the revenue emerging within the portion of those shares and you want to be taxed on that basis

As per HM Resource & Customs, you can’t proclaim unequal shares just for tax advantage. The Statement in Form 17 needs to reflect the authentic beneficial proprietorship. Because HM Resource & Customs want to see the evidence of the proprietorship, which is often a legal document, for instance, the election will not be valid if you proclaimed income split 20:80 between you and your spouse in Form 17, but, in reality, you’re the 100% owner of the property.

You can Download Form 17 here.


How many Times can I make Changings in Election Form 17?

On the off chance that there’s a change in beneficial ownership, then you’ll be able to change the % part as many times as you like utilising Form 17. There’s no constraint. Form 17 is required to be supported by a change in beneficial proprietorship every time you change the income split. 

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Unmarried Couples – Joint Ownership Property Tax

The income is not generally split as 50:50 for unmarried couples. So, they can share their revenue among them as they like. However, joint ownership property tax should follow the same way the income is shared. For instance, John and Edward together possess the property and share the rental wage within the extent of 80:20. In this case, it will be valid for unmarried couples even though the beneficial proprietorship is 50:50. Therefore, for other joint owners, Form 17 is negligible.


Save CGT by Transferring Beneficial Ownership before Sale

Beneficial proprietorship of the property can be transferred to others as many times as you like. Therefore, there is a strategy to save Capital Gain tax by transferring the share of the property to your partner before the sale. But, of course, the transfer before the sale will not be valid if the transferee is not beneficially entitled.

Another point to remember is that, before agreeing to the sale of the property, transferring should be done as it is the safest way to transfer.


Final Thoughts

To sum up, we will say that each accomplice (partners)  should clearly understand that joint property ownership tax needs specialists and proficient accountants to provide directions and services for managing tax. Even though, this may be challenging to persuade the other partner to work for an unequal split as they may see it as a hazard or trap to earn more. To agree and work together, at one point, you may need the help and services of a chartered accountant at affordable prices.

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