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How to Renew Child Tax Credit?

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If you have a child while residing in the UK, you must be aware of the benefits you can avail of by claiming child tax credits. However, there are several cases that enquire about how to renew child tax credit. In case of being a beginner in the position of a guardian or parent, you must gather information about child tax credits. In simple words, you can take it as a support that will financially help you and be you in a better position to handle the cost of raising a child. This is mostly applicable if the guardian or the parents are surviving on a low income and handling the costs of raising a child is challenging.

A certain period ago, the benefits of child tax credits were also replaced with the help of universal credits in the UK. So if you are the one who is seeking ways to make a claim to get the help and support to raise your child, you must go for the universal credits now. Let us get indulged further into the discussion to gather the relevant facts about what is child tax credits, how is it replaced by universal credits, and how to renew child tax credits.


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What are Universal Credit and Child Tax Credit?

In simple words, child tax credits are referred to as one of the several benefits that an individual can avail from the universal credits. However, you need to be conscious if you are getting the benefits from the Working Tax Credit, you can not make a claim for multiple tax credits at the same moment.

If you are getting one of these mentioned benefits, the chances are that you will not be in a good position to claim another benefit of credits. However, by having a look at your eligibility criteria you could be in a better state to apply for the child element of Universal Credit.


How to Move to Universal Credit through Managed Migration?

If you are that one individual who is getting the benefits of the Working Tax Credit or the child tax credits, you can get an invitation from DWP to get the claim for the universal credit as well. This is due to the fact that it is considered to be part of the managed migration programme.

Even the renewal of the claiming process for the child tax credits will require to go for the universal tax credits. You must also consider the kind of amount you are getting from the child tax credits. As normally the universal tax credits have more benefits and the amount of money one receives is also more than the child tax credits. So this turns out to be a win-win game either way.


How will You be Informed You’re Moving on to Universal Credit?

Normally you will get a Migration Notice letter from DWP to let you be informed about the moving process to the universal credit. You will have a duration of three months to complete the process of claiming the universal credit after it is sent to you. So you must be mindful of the dates of the letter and the process to be completed within a certain time frame. The process will be completed through the online platform.


Seeking to Find Extra Support? – Here is How!

Once the process of you letting moved to the universal credit is done, you will be notified through a letter from DWP. There is a migration letter that you will receive. As a beginner, you will require support that can answer your queries about how to complete the process of migration. You will have to get in touch with the support constant number given in your migration letter. You can even reach out to Citizens Advice Help to Claim ServiceOpens in a new window.


Do You Have a Change in Circumstances? – Move to Universal Credit

If you observe a change in your circumstances, you must bring this to HMRC’s knowledge immediately. The time limit given for this initiative is within a month right after the change in circumstances is observed. This is only when you think that this can be a reason to affect the child tax credits benefits that you are getting. This is applicable when a partner plans to move out, you are having another baby, you are getting a new job, or you are losing the old job.

Moreover, you might also require to make a new claim for the tax credit accruing to your new circumstances. This guideline will be received after you get in touch with HMRC and let them know what kind of changes you are observing in your circumstances.


How to Renew Your Claim for Tax Credits?

In order to renew the claim of your tax credits, you must ensure to get in touch with HMRC through the official numbers, websites, or the apps offered for the correspondence. This will keep you away from the scammers who get in touch with such cases and misguide to get money from them.

You can even use the online platform to get in touch with HMRC and inform them about the circumstances and even to complete the process of tax credits renewal in this regard. In case of vulnerable options who cannot use the online platforms, HMRC even offers a dedicated team and professionals who are on duty to help such cases get things done through online platforms.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information regarding how to renew the child tax credit in the UK, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. Since it is important to be updated about the change in circumstances to get the most from the benefits of universal tax credits. Be mindful to be aware of the relevant procedures that will help you to track down the procedures in a professional way. We hope these few minutes of reading will help you better understand the renewal of the child tax credits for better handling in the future.


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Disclaimer: The information about the renew child tax credit compliance burden provided in this blog includes text and graphics of general nature. It does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.

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