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Do I Report Capital Gains on My Tax Return?

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There are several beginners who are confused about how to handle reporting capital gains on my tax return, so it is imperative to involve a discussion with everything that a beginner must know about the obligations of record keeping, reporting and how to handle the disposal of capital gains tax. There are several cases that will even require you to complete the processing within the duration of two months. Let us get delved further into the discussion to know the relevant facts about reporting capital gains on your tax returns.


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I have to Pay My CGT Bill – How and When Do I Report Capital Gains to HMRC? 

When you aim to complete the procedure of tax returns in a normal routine, the capital gains tax is reported as being a part of the self-assessment tax returns. There are multiple guidelines on the procedure of submission for beginners on the main website offered by the government. If you are hitting the annual exempt amount which is £6,000 for 2023/24, you can use the pages offered by the government for one tax year. Also, the same condition will be implemented if the sales are crossing the limit of a certain threshold which is £50,000 for 2023/24. This will not matter in the second case whether your gains are less than the annual exempt amount or not.


Is There Any Possibility of Paying My CGT Bill in Instalments?

When it comes to certain conditions of limited circumstances where there is the involvement of the assets as a gift, you can opt for the condition to pay the capital gains tax in the installment plan that is planned for a duration of one tax year. This can be done if your CGT is to be paid within the duration of one or two months.


How Do I Report My Gains If I Do Not Normally Complete a Tax Return?

When you are in a condition where you are completing your tax returns on a regular basis, however, you are unsure of how you can complete the reporting part about your capital gains tax. This will have to consider the facts about the matter whether it is related to the disposal of your property. Because in such a scenario, you will have to complete the process within the time duration of two months that is 60 days. Start considering the days count right after the process of disposal is completed.


How Do I Make a Report?

In this case, you will have to use the government gateways ID and user details, if you have just one property. If you do not have the gateway ID already, you will be required to create one on an immediate basis. Digital services will be used in this regard as HMRC expects their taxpayers to use them. In case of the need for expert support to complete the procedure expected by HMRC, HMRC offers support and help. You can immediately get in touch with HMRC to complete the process and seek the required professional help.


I am Completing My 2022/23 Tax Return and I Did Not File a 60-Day Report. What Should I Do?

If the case belongs to the discussion of disposal, you are normally required to file the report within the duration of two months. If you have delayed it by any chance and you have an authentic reason behind that, HMRC still expects you to complete it in the self-assessment tax returns and not to leave and wait for the penalties. In case of individuals are already done with the process of self-assessment tax returns but were unable to complete the process of reporting, you are required to complete the reporting process on paper. Moreover, you must be aware of the fact that in both cases of late submission, you will have to deal with the late penalties charged by HMRC.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about how to report capital gains on my tax return in the UK, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. Reporting capital tax gains is an important part which is normally not realised by beginners. This will end up paying more in the form of penalties shared by HMRC for not completing the process and submission on time. However, you will still have to complete it on paper if you have missed the deadline. We hope these few minutes of reading will help you to develop a better understanding of how to handle reporting capital gains on your tax return in the future more efficiently.


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