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3 Common Accounting Errors Small Businesses Should Avoid

26/02/2021Accounting Issues

Every business owner is bound to make financial mistakes, but you should avoid them to stay profitable. Sometimes, just one costly error can lead to a significant loss and even bankruptcy filing. Due to this reality, you should have a good grasp of the common accounting errors most small business owners undergo and find relevant solutions to address them. This article will discuss four accounting errors commonly associated with small businesses. Take this as a starting point to resolve any issues with your finances, payments, and investments. This way, you can find yourself in a more competitive advantage and find ways to grow quickly with a larger, more established customer base.    Mistake #1: Doing the bookkeeping yourself  You may already be doing the bookkeeping and other accounting tasks because you believe you can do so since it’s your business, and you know your cash flow model, profit margins, and other related financial terms. However, you are putting yourself at grave risk since you highly likely are either missing out on certain dues or failing to record things properly. There can also be no way of verifying or comparing records, which is highly irresponsible for a growing brand.  As a preventive measure, you should hire a professional accountant to help you with your bookkeeping and ensure you meet all the necessary dues. You can also access software and other technological solutions to ensure you can do financial obligations online without the need to browse through paper-based records. Through these improvements, you can have a more accurate view of your business’s quarterly performance and look for ways to either scale or stay financially sustainable.    Mistake #2: Taking care of small transactions with your cash and not recording it Business owners using their money for meeting daily needs is a common practice for small enterprises. It is due to the general belief that since it is your money, it will go back to you eventually as the investor. This reasoning is also used to justify why the owners don’t pay themselves.  These accounting errors can cause miscalculations and low compensation for services, leading to your small business’s negative reputation and significant losses. You can also become bankrupt and fall into personal debt. When this happens, you have to close your business even if it’s making profits since you have to sell all its assets to meet your dues.  From the start, you should have a record of your outstanding business debts and have a monthly salary. It enables you to have economic security and have a good-natured, healthy outlook on your business. As a result, you can expect less stress running your daily operations and focus on working hard for you, your employees, and the target customers.     Mistake #3: Claiming profits on immediate cash flow  You may pat yourself on the back once the cash register or business bank account becomes loaded, but it requires a necessary, healthy reality check. Remember, what you receive in cash is not immediate profits. It is called cash flow, which refers to the cash you have on hand without subtracting expenses, like daily operation costs and taxes. It may be simple to keep track of these details at first, but it can be more complicated as your business grows. As such, you should have a small business accountant to walk you through it!    Conclusion  Small businesses thrive through effective financial management and streamlined operations. It’s also easy to fall for misconceptions until you realise it’s too late as you incur losses. Due to this, you must find ways to ensure your enterprise does the same. Note all the previously mentioned mistakes and talk to a proper accountant for reliable assistance!   Cruse Burke  can offer you the best small business financing services to guarantee you are on top of your expenses and assets. We also provide affordable accounting solutions to prevent you from spending more as you take control of your bookkeeping, taxation calculations, and the like. Claim your quick quote from us to have a better idea of how else we can help you!  

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