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Here are the Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends you Need to Know All About in 2021

01/03/2021Business Growth Ideas , Marketing Tips

If you’re someone who enjoys digital marketing, and you want to gain more leads out of it, make sure you read this article till the end. You might want to take excellent takeaways home. Make sure you’re defining your digital marketing strategy according to these trends, as that’s what makes you sell your business like hotcakes.


1- Making Things More Inclusive

You might want to make things more relevant for specific age groups. You have to make sure your brand values are clearly reflecting through the content you come up with or the social media content you’re ready to put out there. 

Make sure you’re not leaving behind anybody. Netflix recently announced a budget of $100 m funds for underrepresented communities. Who are these people, you ask? These are subject matters that cover a variety of races, sexualities, religions etc. This even includes people with physical disabilities and even people with learning disabilities. Let’s just say inclusivity literally means paying respect to all other vulnerable communities through the message that goes out affiliated to your brand. 


2-  Featured Snippets and No-Click Searches

SEO is revolving around a new concept called zero rankings. So what’s this zero ranking all about? You ask. Well, we’ve known about getting the ranks up to one for the longest time ever. Position zero refers to Google’s featured snippet. It’s separated by a small box and located at the top. What makes it more interesting is that you can add all the relevant information in a list format and add images to it as well. Let’s say one day you wake up and are craving a rich moisture chocolate cake so badly. You look out for the recipe in Google and you find a cooking website with zero ranking, having a step by step method of how to make a chocolate cake. Once you find the information more relevant, you’d want to know more about it, hence you click on the website link and get more details about it here. 


3- People are looking out for environment-friendly options

People are getting more and more concerned about planet earth, and hence seeking more and more environmentally friendly options. So everything is about going green for these brands. They want to invest in brands that actually care about planet earth as they do. 

Here’s what you need to do: make sure you highlight how much you care for your environment by adding the environment-friendly and sustainability clauses somewhere along with your brand identity. If that’s really far fetched, the best way would be to make sure you convey green themes using your brand’s visual brand identity like tote bags etc.

We hope you found this article really useful. 2021 is all about adapting to new lifestyles and working out your way through the pandemic. So what are you waiting for? Get on with adapting these digital marketing trends. 

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