are influencers evading taxes

Are Influencers Evading Taxes?

23/09/2022Tax Issues , Tax News and Tips

Have you heard that there is no tax for influencers? Well, the case with online influencers is different. Online influencer tax is a real thing that is implicated for the individuals who are creating online content and then making extra pounds from this. One of the frequently asked questions enquires a lot about ‘are influencers evading taxes. People confuse online earnings to be tax-free or the content creators can evade the tax implications easily. This is not that simple and you know how slim the margin of such mistakes is with HMRC especially when it comes to tax affairs.

It does not matter that you are working as an influencer as a part-time job or a full-time job, whatever earnings you are making through this forum, you will have to declare it to HMRC. You will do this while you are submitting your self-assessment tax returns. If you will try to hide your income through this source, you will have to struggle with hefty fines and other penalties as HMRC will get to know sooner.


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Who is known to be an Online Influencer?

By now, you must be wondering who exactly is an online influencer and what is his nature of work. According to the social media definition, an individual who creates online content and has the power to have an influencing impact over his followers to act in a certain trend. In the fields related to the fashion industry, the followers tend to follow the influencers to an extent that they socially behave like them in several ways. The content creator is just another name that is used for online influencer.

The major role these influencers are playing is to change society positively with the power of good content and trends. However, sometimes you will find them endorsing and advertising certain brands and their services and products. This will not only help brands to grow their sales but also their fan following is increased. The services and products recommended by trusted influencers become the talk of the town immediately. It is a popularly known fact that the global society is somehow connected by social media. Moreover, the job of an influencer seems to be challenging when you bring all the followers under one platform to get influenced by a certain brand or trend.


What is the Tax Limit That Influencers Owe to HMRC?

Just like the individuals who are associated with self-employment, there is a tax-free personal allowance limit for online influencers as well. Which is  £12,570 for one tax year. In other words, we can say that unless your online earnings cross a certain limit, you will not be charged with any tax implications. Moreover, you will still be required to make the completion of self-assessment tax returns.

As per the instructions of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the influencers and their content tend to be very effective for the followers and endorsing brands observe a sudden increase and sales too. So the content creator will have to be very careful and choosy about the type of things they make for their followers.


Are Influencers Evading Taxes?

The process of receiving the PR packages and the gifts from multiple brands makes the process of tax and relevant implications even harder for the influencers. This is because the receiving of PR packages and gifts from brands adds up to the amount of money the influencers are earning and this will automatically increase the figure of tax bills for them. However, when the question comes to whether the influencers are evading tax, we do know how strict the tax policies and HMRC gives no margin in the matter of tax. So there are no chances to evade taxes by the influencers.

You and your earnings are seriously noticed by HMRC when you are working online. You will find yourself liable to declare your income sources and earnings to HMRC as whatever you do will come under the observation of HMRC later or sooner. You can be in trouble if you plan to hide your income streams and the extra pounds that you are making. The risk of loss in the future for your career and reputation will be heavier to handle if you do not adhere to the rules and regulations of the tax.


What is the Role of a Trading Influencer?

Not all influencers are considered traders, according to HMRC. In Wales and England, as per the words of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, you will be known as a trading influencer only when you have a set routine that is scheduled to create commercial content regularly. Then your work is going for the marketing to get the financial benefits as well.

However, in many cases, the content is created for the sake of enjoyment or hobby. The income is then not crossing the limit of the threshold, this means you are not defined as a trading influencer. This makes you free from the tax implications or relevant implications, however, you will have to complete your self-assessment tax returns still.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about ‘are influencers evading taxes’, we can say that being a content creator can be fun for the sake of hobbies and enjoyment. Only to a limit when the extra pounds are tax-free because you have not crossed the limit threshold. However, as soon as you reach a certain level, you will be liable to pay taxes and complete other requirements to keep your work venture growing smoothly.


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