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what is Carers Allowance

What is Carer Allowance?

25/01/2024Dividend Allowance

Today we will be discussing what is Carers Allowance, a benefit available in the UK to those responsible for providing care for someone who cannot look after themselves. Carers Allowance is an incredibly important benefit for those who provide vital care and support to others. It is designed to help those who qualify with modest …

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parent learning allowance

What is Parent Learning Allowance?

13/11/2023Dividend Allowance , employment allowance

This discussion revolves around the financial support provided to parents in the form of parent learning allowance, who are pursuing higher education. The Parents’ Learning Allowance acknowledges the unique challenges faced by parents who strive to balance their parental responsibilities with the pursuit of academic goals. By offering financial assistance for expenses such as childcare, …

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