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How to Find a Business’s VAT Number?

30/10/2021Business , Limited Company , VAT

A unique VAT (value-added tax) number is assigned to each VAT-registered business. If you’re a VAT-registered company, you’ll need the VAT number of other companies (suppliers) in order to reclaim any VAT you’ve paid. Therefore, this blog will let you know what is a VAT registration number, why it is essential and how can you find VAT numbers. Let’s start!


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What is a VAT Registration Number?

When a company registers for VAT, at that time HM Revenue & Customs provides a unique ID to that company, which is called a VAT registration number. Within the united kingdom, the length of a VAT number is nine digits with the prefix GB.
In case you are working with a supplier in another European country, then the format of the VAT number of that country will be different, with its own particular country code.


Why is this Number Important?

If you try to reclaim Value Added Tax from HMRC using an invalid VAT code from your supplier, then they will certainly reject your claim. In this case, you will either have to pay for it or spend time rectifying the situation.


How and Where you Can Find VAT Numbers?

You’ll receive a certificate confirming your VAT registration number after registering for VAT with HMRC. This number will be used for all of your company’s future transactions. Therefore, you have to keep it safe. You can also get the certificate using your HM Revenue & Customs business account.

Examining the invoices that are provided to you by another business is the first step in obtaining another business’s VAT number. If the company you’re dealing with is VAT registered, then its VAT ID can be easily found on its invoices.

If, on the other hand, you have paid VAT to a supplier but do not have a VAT number, you should contact them immediately. Because you’ll need a valid VAT ID to reclaim any VAT you’ve paid.


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How to Check a VAT Number is Valid?

The following are the ways to check it is valid:


How to check Vat number


1) Calling the VAT helpline of HMRC

In case you have any doubt about a VAT registration number, you can call HMRC. As it has a complete database for VAT-registered companies.

2) Checking the VIES Website

You can utilise the VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) of the European Union in order to verify the authenticity of both the EU and UK VAT numbers.

You can check whether the VAT number of a supplier is valid by entering the VAT registration numbers and applicable country codes into the fields given.

In case the VISE shows that the VAT registration of the supplier is invalid, then contact as quickly as you can in order to get the valid VAT number.



Now that you know how to find VAT number, we will conclude our blog by saying that in order to reclaim the VAT you pay, you’ll need an accurate VAT number. You won’t be able to receive a refund from HMRC if you use an inaccurate VAT number in your return. So, we recommend consulting a professional for this as it is a complex business affair.


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Disclaimer: This post is intended to provide general information on how to find VAT number.

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