What is a confirmation statement

What is a Confirmation Statement? A Basic Guide

02/11/2021Business , Limited Company

Onward from June 2016, the UK government replaced the Annual Return (AR01) with a similar document known as the confirmation statement (CS01). This annual statement is a filing requirement that works the same as Companies House form AR01. All the registered companies and LLPs ( limited liability partnerships) in the UK are required to send this statement each year (even if the company is dormant) to the Companies House. Failure to send this statement is considered a criminal offence and you might face a penalty if you don’t file it on time.

Before we delve deep into the details, let’s kick off with what is a confirmation statement and what does it include?


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What is a confirmation statement


What is a Confirmation Statement?

Companies House needs this document (CS01) to verify that the company details that it already holds are up to date and accurate. It contains general information about the directors, secretary, shareholders, registered office address, share capital and people with significant control. Before this statement, all companies were required to provide a summary report once a year.

Now, with this document, you just need to review all the details that you are providing to Companies House are up to date and accurate. In case, if there is no change to your company, you are required to verify that all these details are the same. This document is sent to CH every year. In addition, CS01 is also required by the Companies House to update your publically available database.


What to Include in a Confirmation Statement?

If there is even a slight change to any of the following, you are required to report it with the confirmation statement. Here is the information you are required to report or update whenever you file your CS01:

  • Company name, its registered office address and company registration number (CRN)
  • Standard Industry Classification (SIC Code)
  • Relevant details of directors, shareholders and company’s secretary (where required)
  • Principal business activities of a company
  • Share Capital
  • Company Type
  • Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL)
  • Where each statutory register is kept (For SAIL)
  • Whether any of the company’s shares are admitted to a public trading market
  • People with significant control (PSCs)


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When do You Need to File CS01?

You need to file it at least once a year. Companies House will also inform you to file it. The first filing due date after the company formation is up to 12 months. You can file it during or before this time, or more than once a year but you should not file it later than two weeks (14 days) after the confirmation date.

As it would lead you to penalties, fines or your company might be struck off from the company register. If you fail to submit a confirmation statement, it would be considered a criminal offence, even if your company is non-trading or dormant.

After filing your first statement the next filing date will be based on the first one. Like if you file your last statement on 31st October 2020, you need to file that next one by 30th October 2021.


Do you Need to File a Confirmation Statement?

You need to file this statement:

  • If your company is trading, non-trading or dormant
  • If you are a director, secretary or the authorised person or LLP member
  • If there’s a company update, you need to inform the Companies House about the changes. Even if everything remains the same in a year, you’ll still need to tell Companies House that everything is the same.

On the contrary, you are not required to file CS01, if:

  • Your company has struck off from the Companies Register or is going to be
  • You don’t have the responsibility to file CS01. As there are many employees, non-executive directors and shareholders who are not responsible to file one.


How to File a Confirmation Statement?

You can file this statement both online or by post. Filing CS01 form by post can be laborious, time taking and costly. As it costs £40 to file this statement by post. And you only need to pay £13  if you file it online. To file online, an authentication code is required. So you need to request this code in advance to get it earlier. This code will be received at the company’s registered address.


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Wrapping Up

So, now you’re well aware of what is a confirmation statement? What to include in it? And when, why and how do you need to file it? All limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) are is required to send CS01 to Companies House on annual basis to inform the changes or verify that everything is accurate and up to date in the records of Companies House.

Remember that you need to send it within 14 days of the end of the review period. As it may lead to heavy penalties, or your company or its officers might be prosecuted and your business might be struck off the register. So you need to be cautious to avoid any unfavourable situation.


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Disclaimer: This blog provides general information on the confirmation statement.

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